Joey, Jeffy and you will Jamie are all members of new school’s sports party

To help you Quinn, the 3 are only a resource for usage

  • Sandi Griffin (very first looks: Episode #101, “Esteemsters”) – The new club president, or more rightly their tyrant, she guidelines the style pub that have a metal little finger. Sandi is a running nut who’s intensely envious away from Quinn’s dominance and you will ability to rating exactly what she wants, and you will is likely to bully one other Trend Pub people towards the entry. She started to beat a few of their control in the last seasons once weight gain, and have whenever she learned you to definitely Stacy and you can Tiffany know Daria is Quinn’s cousin all of the together however, failed to state something for the purchase are polite so you can Quinn, hence deleting a weak spot Sandi got wished so you can mine. Continue reading