My loved ones have a Christmas Countdown each year since it was the most popular factor to complete. We’ve ornaments, carol wreaths present, and anything else that comes with the Christmas celebration. Yes, it was borderline however in that Christmas pictures loved it a lot and it is said to be in recognition of our Lord’s birthday I went together with it many years. This season I’ve checked out a load of Spiritual evidence which has caused me to reconsider how harmless and good this holiday is. Precisely where within the Bible will it inform us to not celebrate Christmas festival?

Christmas decorations a Bible Doctrine

To begin with, Christmas isn’t a Bible Doctrine. If our fortunate Lord had wanted us to celebrate His birthday, He’d have told us when you Christmas songs it and the way to celebrate it. But Christ never told anybody to celebrate His birthday. In addition, we all know in the Bible and from church history, the apostles and also the early church never celebrated Christ’s birthday.

The Bible is God’s complete and final thought to man, also it informs us of everything we have to know for our spiritual lives (II Timothy 3:16). We do not have to visit outdoors the Bible for anything. God’s Word informs us how we are to worship, how we are to provide money for that support from the Lord’s work, how you can evangelize the lost, how to see the Lord’s Supper, and anything else relating towards the Christian existence. Although not once within the Bible does God inform us to celebrate Christmas! We are told to keep in mind the Lord’s death, but nowhere shall we be told to celebrate His birth.

God’s people should be Bible people. We are meant to live and eat the teaching from God’s Holy Word. So the actual fact that Christmas isn’t pointed out within the Bible is is actually us to not have anything related to it. But it gets better.

Christ Not born on December 25

Another factor to consider I do not celebrate Christmas is the fact that Christ wasn’t born on December 25th. Notice:

“There were within the same country shepherds abiding within the field, keeping keep an eye on their flock by night.” Luke 2:8

Don’t miss the purpose: the shepherds WERE Within The FIELDS taking proper care of their flocks around the night Jesus was created. Because the shepherds were watching their sheep, the content found them from the birth of Jesus.

It’s an undeniable fact that December falls in the center of the wet season in Palestine, and also the sheep were stored within the fold during this season. The shepherds always corralled their flocks from October to April. They introduced their sheep in the mountainsides and also the fields no after October 15th to safeguard them in the cold, wet seasons that adopted that date. Therefore the birth of Christ couldn’t occur at the finish of December.

Next, Luke 2:1,3 informs us that during the time of the birth of Jesus it had been decreed that, “all of the worlds could be taxed…And all sorts of visited be taxed, everybody into their own city.” This could not occur during the cold months. Caesar Augustus, the ruler of Rome, would likely not demand this type of taxing within the depth of winter. Travel only at that season is very difficult hence, it might be virtually impossible for everybody to conform using the decree if it absolutely was given then. God Themself testified towards the rigors of driving winter, for He told the folks to wish their flight in the finish of the age wouldn’t be in the winter months (Matthew 24:20).

Nobody knows the precise day when Jesus was created, but out of all probability, He was created sometime during September. We are able to be reasonably certain of this because His earthly ministry lasted roughly 3 1/24 months, and that he was crucified around the 14th day’s the month of Nisan, which matches our April (John 19:31, Leviticus 23:5). When we return about 3 1/24 months towards the time when Jesus was 3 decades old – as he started His public ministry – we arrived at the month of September. It was most likely the month when our Lord was created into the world.

Origin of Christmas

1000’s years before Jesus was created, heathens in each and every country observed December 25th because the birthday of the god who had been known as the sun’s rays-god. Semiramis, the widow of Nimrod, was his mother. She claimed is the queen of paradise. And she or he were built with a boy who had been intended as born on December 25th his name was Tammuz.

Based on all of the heathen religions of this time, Tammuz was built with a miraculous birth as well as for centuries his birthday was celebrated with feasts, revelry, and drunk orgies. The heathen celebrated Tammuz’s birthday based on the very example he looking for them. He was the earth’s finest lover of ladies, strong drink, dirty jokes along other sensual fun. It’s stated he loved everyone which everyone loved him. Also, it was on December 25th that the questionable religions celebrated the birthday of Tammuz, the boy-god.

This really is all clearly introduced in Alexander Hislop’s great book, “The 2 Babylon’s”. Any trustworthy encyclopedia may also verify these details.

It’s plain to determine, is not it, that Christmas is really a questionable holiday that left old questionable Babylon.

Christmas: A Catholic Holiday

The 4th reason I do not celebrate Christmas happens because Christmas is really a Catholic holiday. Why must I steal Christmas in the Catholics? They were given it by the pagans, and I am pleased to allow them to ensure that it stays.

Notice what Encyclopedia Americana says about Christmas and Catholicism.

“Christmas – it had been based on many government bodies NOT celebrated within the first centuries from the Christian places of worship because the Christian usage generally ended up being to celebrate the death of outstanding persons instead of their birth. A feast started in memory from the birth of the Saviour within the 4th CENTURY. Within the Fifth Century, the Western Church (Roman Catholic) purchased it so that it is celebrated forever at the time from the old Roman feast from the birth of Sol. The carol, mistletoe, the yule log, and also the wassail bowl have pre-Christian occasions. The Christmas tree continues to be tracked to the Romans. slot88 It went from Germany to The Uk.”

Encyclopedia Britannica has this to say of Christmas:

“Christmas (i.e., the Mass of Christ) wasn’t one of the earliest festivals from the church.”

After Constantine grew to become the Emperor of Rome, he forced all of the pagans of his empire to become baptized in to the Christian Church. Thus pagans far outnumbered true Christians.

Because the church worshiped god Jesus because the Boy of God, once the 25th of December folded around and also the pagans desired to worship Tammuz, their sun-god, Constantine understood he would need to make a move. So he’d the church combine the worship of Tammuz using the birthday of Christ, along with a special mass was declared to help keep everybody happy. Thus questionable worship was introduced in to the Christian church and known as “Christ-mass.”

Each time we are saying “Merry Christmas,” we are really mixing the valuable and holy name of Christ with paganism. This isn’t right. God states in Ezekiel 20:39, “Pollute ye my holy name forget about.”

The Planet and xmas

Which brings me to another reason to not celebrate Christmas. Christmas is around the globe, and we are commanded, “Love and not the world, neither things that are on the planet. Or no man love the planet, the romance from the Father isn’t in him.” I John 2:15 The actual fact the world which hates Christ and the bloodstream atonement for crime makes more fuss about Christmas than every other holiday proves in my experience that Christmas isn’t of God. If December 25th were actually the birthday from the fortunate Boy of God, the planet might have nothing related to it!

It’s not necessary to be considered a Christian to celebrate Christmas. Even just in non-Christian countries like Japan, Czechoslovakia and Russia the folks celebrate Christmas.

People around the world, who typically don’t have any understanding of the Bible or Jesus, consume the Christmas celebration. To consider Christmas in the world could be harder than making peace in the center East.

Let us face the facts, the planet is married towards the idol of Christmas. Actually, more and more people get drunk at Christmas than every other season. There are other big parties and much more selfish spending than every other season. The planet loves Christmas, however it hates Christ. Does not that prove it’s not of God?

Unscriptural Traditions

One more reason to not celebrate Christmas is the fact that it’s full of unscriptural tradition. The exchanging of gifts, the Christmas tree, the singing of carols and Father Christmas are questionable origins. All of these crept into the church during or following the 4th Century.

There are lots of unscriptural traditions which have cluttered in the story from the birth in our wonderful Saviour. For example, lots of people think that the wise men of East and also the shepherds were together in Bethlehem at that time our Lord was created. But nothing might be more wrong. The shepherds found Bethlehem to determine Jesus at His birth. The wise men found see Jesus as he was almost 2 yrs old (Matthew 2:16).

In addition, the Bible states nothing around three wise men, nor will it say that they are nobleman. The truth is the Bible doesn’t give their number at basically just states that they are wise (magi) men. These men maintained to know the storyline designed in the heavens and that’s why Herod the king wanted to talk to them and discover why these were driving his land. As he discovered they’d seen His star within the heavens which signified the truly amazing King was created Herod going to kill this latest King and diligently requested when did they see His star. For this reason Herod had all of the male children 2 yrs and more youthful offer dying in Bethlehem. The wise men or magi because the Bible calls them had more then 18 several weeks to organize making the lengthy journey there were many within the caravan who found see.

A large number of parents will educate their kids the falsehood of Father Christmas. Youngsters are trained that Father Christmas makes his home in the North Pole, and when every year he fills his sled with toys for that boys and women who’ve been good all year round. If they’re good, he brings them toys on Christmas Eve, and if they’re bad, he passes them by. Could it be any question that lots of occasions when children develop and discover the reality, they wonder if Christ can also be another Christmas myth and all sorts of their lives question if paradise or hell is going to be their reward for whatever they did.

The Bible states in Colossians 3:9, “Lie not just one to a different,”. We’re commanded in Ephesians 4:25 to place “away laying,” and also to “every man speak truth together with his neighbor.”

Now we all know that a number of you loving moms say, “No we ought to provide the children a great time? They do not recognize all the paganism behind Christmas.”

Let us educate our kids the reality regarding Christmas. God’s Word states that people should mention children in the nurture and admonition from the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). Why must we dishonor the Christ in this manner underneath the pretense of showing the kids a great time? You will find 364 more days around where we are able to give gifts to the children.

Merrymaking and Exchanging Gifts

Undoubtedly, the key to Christmas for most of us is buying and exchanging gifts. I do not celebrate Christmas because exchanging gifts is not related to Christ’s birthday.

Possibly a number of you’re asking, “Did not the wise men give gifts to Jesus?” They actually did, however they did not provide them with to each other. As well as their gifts weren’t birthday gifts since the wise men didn’t arrived at visit Jesus until He was nearly 2 yrs old (Matthew 2:16). The shepherds found visit Jesus as His birth, however the wise men found see Him nearly 2 yrs later.

Are you aware that gift ideas to some king was common custom within the China? For this reason why the wise men introduced gifts to Jesus – while he was created to become King from the Jews. But they weren’t birthday gifts. So there’s no link between Christmas and also the birthday of Jesus in this way.

The last word before departing is the problem of exchanging gifts. Allow me to explain that even this really is utilized by Satan’s antichrist program. The finest gift celebration yet in the future is going to be throughout the awful times of the tribulation. Throughout the antichrist’s reign all hell is going to be loose. The 2 witnesses who God shall send to folks of the world is going to be wiped out when God is completed together. Are you able to guess who’ll kill them? The antichrist will place them to dying. Pay attention to God’s Word: